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We’ve put an end to all fraudulent clicks with our automated solution!

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

With the advanced AI filters, each click on our Google Ads is continuously analyzed in real time. We’ve said goodbye to bots, click farms, and any other invalid sources of traffic.

Selective Traffic Blocking

Our tool swiftly identifies fraudulent IPs and promptly adds them to the Google Ads exclusion list within a mere 3 seconds. It blocks bad traffic, keeping genuine customer engagement.

Securing Ads in Minutes

Choosing Google Ads Email

Linking Google Ads account

Instantly preventing invalid IP addresses from viewing our ads

It's unparalleled visibility into our Google Ads traffic!

We Observe Visitor Engagement on Our Site

By capturing session recordings of every click, we gain valuable insights into how both visitors and bots interact with the website.

Tracking the Origin of Our Clicks with Precision

Leveraging precise ISP and location tracking, we know the exact sources of our traffic. Tool’s advanced filters delve deep into each click, revealing the authentic location details, including country, city, and even street address.

We Have Complete Transparency in Click Reporting

We attain absolute control over our ad clicks. We Receive comprehensive insights that highlight fraudulent visitors, out-of-geo clicks, and non-converting ad traffic. This level of detail empowers us to optimize our campaigns effectively and drive better results.

Our Goal Of Extraordinary Protection Achieved!

Default Google Ads protection

Real-time blocking

Under 3 Seconds

Exclude VPN traffic

Click detection threshold

30+ Data Points Per Click

Industry-based data

Visitors Analytics

Fraudulent behavior session recordings

All Sessions recorded

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

For the tool, safeguarding data and respecting privacy are top priorities. It’s fully committed to complying with regulations.



Next-Level Seamless Integration

We take pride in seamless integration with any platform, that surpasses all others.